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In March 2022 Viaplay launched its streaming services in the Netherlands. For their studio operations NEP built multiple completely new studios and production control rooms. Viaplay was a newcomer to the Dutch broadcast market,  but one with a very serious rights offering. Three studios needed to be filled with editorial sports crew every week from the start – with their required field of expertise: Formula 1, football and darts.

For the Formula 1 the request didn’t stop there as Viaplay also required directors for their traveling trackside studios and grid contributions. 


\ Directors
Studio Directors

\ EVS Operators
\ Watchout Operators
Screen Producers



When Viaplay was announced in the Netherlands and immense operation started to take form behind the scenes. The launch date was set and therefore the preparation deadline was clear. Because of the variety of positions, required number of personnel and time constraints, we had to hit the ground running and that’s what we did! Based on the requirements set by Viaplay and NEP we briefed our senior staff and immediately trained talents to deliver great performances across the board.


Directing trackside at Formula 1 is a dream for many, which we could make come true for some of our directors. They travel the world and provide content for all national Viaplay services. In the Dutch studio center Argus works in all studios anf on all sports. For some we provide studio directors and for all we provide EVS and Watchout operators. Although we’ve been providing Screen Producers for some time now, Watchout is a new addition to the portfolio. Our most experienced Screen Producer was trained in no-time, after which he could educate and train the other talents. Everyone was ready to go when required and to this day continue to perfect their craft in the ambitious Viaplay environment. 


We can proudly state that we’ve been part of these projects!

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