Working at Argus Productions

 We are #TeamArgus. We believe that passionate talents can bring something extra to the world of media content. You do not necessarily need content creating experience but you do need to know a lot about sports, entertainment or news. And above all, you need great enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn.
Our Academy offers an extensive training course to prepare talents for a career in the media world. Talents will also take their first steps working on various jobs in the media landscape. Have we piqued your interest, want to know more and looking for a job in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany? Do not hesitate to send us your CV and a short motivation.

Get to know us

Our passion for media and an eye for talent are the foundations of our company. We believe in a new generation of media makers. A generation that combines the right content with technological skills. Our Academy invests in new talents and provides them with an extensive training course. A varied range of jobs keeps them in a learning process throughout. We mix your talent with our expertise. That’s the strength of our philosophy.

Our team

Team spirit is key at Argus. We learn from each other to get to the best results. Professionalism and conviviality go side by side. We organise monthly drinks and get-togethers to check in with each other and chat about sports, work, news and the latest fashion trends.

Personal growth

Never stop learning. At Argus Productions you will always continue to improve every single day. We are convinced that the latest generation of media makers will benefit from a broad education that will give them ample opportunities in the media world. Our Academy guarantees that new talents will never stop learning.


Would you like to sit quiet in a an office and do the same thing every single day? DIDN’T THINK SO. At Argus you will work at the world’s biggest events in sports, media and entertainment. You’ll work at the games of your favourite football team, edit footage of that festival you’ve been going to all your life, and travel around the world to work for the most interesting shows. We will look out for whatever fits your talents and interests best and you’ll have a blast working at #TeamArgus!

Working at Argus

It’s fun!

Obviously we’re professionals, but it’s important to like your job too. We like to keep things informal at the office. Table tennis at the office, monthly get-togethers and yearly FIFA FUT tournaments are all part of your Argus-life as well!

You’ll see something of the world

With so many projects all over the world, it is crystal clear you’ll get around a lot. You’ll travel around the world to be part of the biggest events in sports, entertainment, news and all things media.

Never stop learning

We can’t emphasise enough how much we believe in constant education. Our Academy will maximise your potential by providing you with an extensive training course.

A beautiful office

Our offices are situated at the Werkspoorfabriek near Cafe de Leckere (!) in Utrecht. Our door is always open for our staff to discuss work-related matters, but also for some table tennis, a game of FIFA or a nice cup of coffee.

A good salary

Salary, transport expenses, pension accrual and holiday pay, we take care of everything. In a well-organised job centre you’ll always know which steps to take for a better personal development.

Young and vibrant company

Even though Argus has been around for more than 10 years, we still feel the same energy, that we’ve had the past years, to keep aiming for the best possible results. Thanks to our amazing, hardworking team we are at the absolute top of the world and we’re not planning to let go of it.

Want to contact us?

Do you feel like working together or do you have a question? Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail, give us a call or stop by at our office. We're always here if you need us and we hope to see you soon!

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