League of Legends

TV Skyline x Argus

Customer demand

In request of Riot Games, TV Skyline provides facilities and staff for the weekly League of Legends European Championship (LEC, formerly EU LCS). For this they needed EVS operators with the right technical skills, and above all, (substantive) game knowledge.


\ EVS operator
EVS producer
\ Editor Adobe
\ Highlight clips
\ Replays


Argus has been doing many eSports jobs for years. It has increased so much that we have even started focusing on the recruitment for this. This has paid off in a team of crew members with substantive knowledge of a multitude of games and most importantly of League of Legends. TV Skyline came to us many years ago and we have since consistently provided them with the right people. These EVS operators and producers have inside out knowledge of the game, which is essential for this production.


In addition to the weekly show in Berlin, we now also work (in collaboration with TV Skyline) on global events of League of Legends, such as Worlds and MSI. Besides this, we also collaborate on the FIFA Global Series and Gran Turismo Global Finals.


We can proudly state that we’ve been part of these projects!

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