International field hockey

Southfields x Argus

Customer demand

Field hockey is a global sport with countries from 5 continents ranked among the top 10 in the world. Television coverage for hockey however isn’t something they’re familiar with around the world. Luckily for us, in the Netherlands we are. And that’s being recognized. Our hockey experts are requested throughout the world every year.



\ EVS operator
\ Slomo producer
\ GFX operator
\ Highlight clips
\ Replays
\ Match graphics


With over a decade of national and international hockey experience we feel confident our hockey operators can add value to hockey broadcasts everywhere. And so we have, from domestic leagues in the Netherlands and Belgium, to Euro Hockey League, FIH Pro League and European Championships throughout Europe and World Championships and Olympic Games around the world.


The projects described above show our commitment to global top-level hockey. What makes us even happier is the variety of customers we work with on these jobs. From our long-term partners at NOS and Southfields, to our close neighbors at Videohouse and several of the largest sports channels in Europe,  to recommendations from global television professionals from FIH. It puts a smile on our face and hopefully your as well when you watch it!


We can proudly state that we’ve been part of these projects!

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