Highly-skilled technical crew with storytelling expertise

Looking for a highly skilled technical crew that also know how to tell a story? At #TeamArgus these skills have always been the base of our philosophy. Our crew is able to contribute narrative ideas whilst also being trained to create them on a technological level. We carefully select our team members based on their content-related, technological and overall media making intuition! We do not care much for pigeonholing and search to combine several skills, such as:


Our team knows all about the players, the clubs, the rules and the story behind sports events, including e-sports.


Movie stars, music, game shows, talent shows and lifestyle: We know what’s going on!

News / dailies

Our journalistically educated news addicts are able to react instantly to any given development in the world of politics, culture, sports, etc.

EVS/ play out operator

At Argus our replay operators can rely on more than 10 years of experience all over the world. Our operators are familiar with all well-known replay devices: EVS, Livetouch, K2 and Triplay. They are trained in making split-second decisions under high pressure while still keeping an eye on content and storytelling, contributing ideas while also communicating effectively with other crew members. Our operators will get you the most beautiful replays and the best highlight compilations at any given sports event!


Our editors make relevant storytelling under extreme time pressure seem like a picnic. our team has editorial knowledge and prefer to assemble their own items. They are, however,  also experienced working at the biggest events worldwide- where we make sure rightsholders will get everything they need on time because of our editor’s skills to think in advance and work against the clock without fuzz or bother. Entertainment, sports, news, multicam, Avid or Adobe Premiere, We’ll get the job done!

Content editors

Are you looking for the right footage to give your story or trivia question that extra spark? Or maybe highlights have to be put together under time pressure and you need someone to select the right images for the editor? Our content editors will find you the right footage for any kind of story and will do so rapidly and competently.

Graphics / analysis operators

Our live graphics operators are technically skilled and journalistically educated. They understand like no other how to accentuate the essence of a story with the right graphic designs. Our goal: finding the right images, animate them and get them going at the appropriate moment on LED-screens or as part of the program. We work with Xpression, Square, Vizrt, Aki, Piero, Libero and Photoshop.

Director/replay director/assistant director

Nothing beats directors, replay directors or assistant directors who are both determined as well as creative. Our experts are extremely skilled at overseeing and managing tv productions. We’ve been providing the right shots at the right moments for the Dutch Football League, daily online video shows, festivals and many more productions for several years. We also know how to handle one-man-productions like ‘Simply Live’.
It is by continuously determining new objectives and constantly challenging our talents that our operators keep on progressing steadily towards their first job as assistant director or replay director.


At Argus it’s all about the team spirit. We ensure a sociable and engaging environment at all times. But even though we love a joke here or there, we also stand for a professional attitude. We like to contribute ideas and take initiative. Our goal is to improve ourselves constantly in order to become better and better every single day. We believe in a ‘Never stop learning’ principle and we do so with fresh eyes, a strong focus and great courage.

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