Football's Global Championship

Host broadcaster x Argus

Customer demand

With all the content we have we want to create extra value for our rights holders. In order to do so we need two complete editorial teams. Those teams will create multiple deliverables, both for broadcast and for digital.


\ Senior producers
\ Xplore producers
\ EVS producers
EVS operators 
\ Clipfeeds
\ Multi-angle app content


As a first a workflow was established where two teams, centralized in Moscow, would work on all 64 matches. This workflow merged broadcast and digital content and the teams also had broadcast (2 clip feeds) and digital (multi-angle app content) output. This workflow was given by the client, our teams had the challenge to provide consistent high quality content for all matches and deliverables. Because the scope of work, length of the project and pressure of the stage we compiled two ambitious teams that were competing amongst each other to set a new standard every day.


It was a competition with a big smile of course. Nonetheless it ensured everyone remained motivated to improve until the very end. Therefore this project in many ways fitted us like a glove. It was a mixture of innovation and experience, laughter and hard work and a continuous effort to grow individually and as a team. A project that left our client very satisfied and ourselves very proud.


We can proudly state that we’ve been part of these projects!

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