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The UEFA Champions League, the largest football league in Europe with unforgettable matches, is a stage where Argus likes to shine! The matches in this league are viewed by millions of football fans worldwide and we therefore do everything we can to get the utmost out of these matches. For over ten years, Argus has been requested to work for the Champions League by various clients (domestic and abroad) for both the primary worldfeed and other multi- and unilateral feeds.


\ EVS operator
\ EVS producer
\ MD-1 director (Matchday -1)
\ Studio EVS operator
\ Replays
\ Broadcast editor


To be able to meet the demand of our customers, we have a team of specialists with great international football knowledge. Our EVS operators have a lot of experience with high-speed cameras, super slow-motion cameras and much more in big competitions, so they have no problem producing the best slomos in the world-feed. Our highlight operators meticulously follow the running orders and complete the world-feed with bus arrivals, dressing rooms, warming-ups and ISO packages so that we are able to provide all the rights holders with what they need. In addition, Argus is present in multiple (inter)national studios to provide substantive analyses, music montages and content edits at the most awesome European competitions.


Due to great satisfaction of our customers, Argus is able to increasingly contribute to Champions League Matches. We, for example, work on the news feed of the day before the match (MD-1) which includes the training and press-conferences of both teams. With an ENG and multi-camera crew, our Argus producers provide substantive and awesome new feeds for all the rights holders. Argus is, therefore, now involved in all Champions League broadcasts in the Netherlands. We also often travel with the Dutch clubs when they play abroad. We at Argus are fans and hope to be part of these broadcasts for a very long time.


We can proudly state that we’ve been part of these projects!

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