Never stop learning

The best talents of today are the directors of tomorrow. That’s why we offer efficient training programs that introduce talents the the world of EVS, editing, content editing and graphics. Our talents are educated on both a technical as on a content-related level. We believe that passionate people with a journalistic background AND with knowledge of broadcast systems are the future of television.

‘Never stop learning’, that’s our Academy’s philosophy. Continuously challenging ourselves is the key to our never-ending development. Everyone in our team receives constant coaching, training and support from the very best in the business. Our experienced coaches have been part of the world’s most prestigious sporting events and media projects. These experiences form the fundaments of our training program. We work with clear objectives that provide an efficient progress and a fast-growing flow of talents. Rapidly available and a well-rounded feel for content are trademarks of our Academy. On top of that, we also provide customised training programs if needed.

At Argus, we see ourselves as the breeding ground of the media industry. We train talents on specific workflow regimes and make sure they are well-skilled to keep on improving themselves. As such, our Academy’s philosophy is based on three cornerstones:

  1. Scouting: Times change and so are the skills needed to make it in the media world. Our effective scouting section looks for widely-deployable crew with skill sets essential for media work. Within this particular approach of recruitment, we take both general and specific knowledge into account, but also personality and fields of interest.
  2. Bonding: Because we work with a large and varied job landscape we also offer our media talents the possibility to invest in themselves. They will learn on the job, while they also carry out challenging and varied jobs, which gives them the opportunity to keep on improving.
  3. Development: #teamArgus keeps on enlarging its motivated and well-educated crew through its extensive program of constant training, coaching and masterclasses. As such, talents will grow into experienced operatives that one day will be ready for the more demanding jobs in the business.
At our masterclasses we invite colleagues from all over the world to share their expertise with our media makers and partners. These masterclasses are very accessible and offer an opportunity for both our new talents as well as our experienced operators to keep on improving upon their knowledge  and skills concerning media production and live television. Additionally it is also exciting and inspiring to chat with clients and colleagues alike about the trends and evolutions within our professional atmosphere.

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